Printable September 2020 Calendar

Calendars are something that can never get old school. Here are the Printable September 2020 Calendars in the series. To keep track and hold of the things happening around you, it is important to invest a considerable amount of time using printable calendars. With their physical presence, they make it very easy to plan out things in a much efficient way.

September 2020 Printable Calendars

With the existence of 12 months in a year, September is considered as one of the most prominent amongst them. This is because it contains a number of holidays, parties and occasions. Most of the people are born in September and this month is considered to be a very happy month. In this article, you are going to get a detailed amount of information on the month of September, so keep reading!

About September:

– September is considered to be the 9th month of the year in the calendar of Julian and Gregorian. It is the third month out of the fourth month to have 30 days in a month. In the northern hemisphere, September is considered the equivalent of the month of March in the southern hemisphere.

– However, in the northern hemisphere, the start of the Autumn (meteorological) is from 1st September. In the same case, the southern hemisphere the start of the Spring (meteorological) is from 1st September.

– September also marks as the start of the ecclesiastical year, in the Eastern Church (Orthodox).

– September is considered to be the start of the academic year in various countries belonging to the northern hemisphere. It is the time when all the kids are excited to go back to school after their long summer break. The school generally re-opens on the 1st of September.

The birthstone of September is Sapphire.

– The birth flowers of the month of September are morning glory, aster, and forget-me-not.

– The official zodiac signs of the individuals born in the month of September are Libra and Virgo. These are the individuals whose birthdays start and end to some equinox date (Generally from 22nd or 23rd September).

Why September is the 9th month?

There is a very interesting story which exists about the history of September which is as follows:

There exists a very interesting story behind this month being considered as the 9th month of the year. Originally September was considered as the 7th month of the year amongst the 10 months in the oldest calendar of Roman and in the Romulus calendar 750BC. This was the time when the march was considered as the first month of the year until 451 BC.

It was later on that that the months of January and February were added to the calendar which pushed September to the 9th position. However, September is rarest of those months whose name has always been constant, unlike the names of the other months, which keep changing from time to time. Until the Julian reform, the month had 29 days.

Different names of September in other Languages:

Like any other month, September also is called by different names in different languages, which are:

  1. Chinese: In Chinese, it is known as Jiuyue
  2. Danish: In Danish, It is known as September
  3. French: In French, It is known as Septembre
  4. Italian: In Italian, It is known as Settembre
  5. Spanish: In Spanish, it is known as Septiembre

Historical names of September:

September has a few historical names, which are:

  1. Roman: By the Romans, September is known as ‘September’.
  2. Saxon: By the Saxon’s, September is known as ‘Halegmonath’ (The festivals month)
  3. Germanic: By the Germanic’s, September is known as ‘Herbst-mond’ (Month of Autumn)

Some interesting facts about the month of September:

September has many facts which you won’t be aware of till now. Here are a few of them. Have a look:

– September is the very first month of the season of Fall.

– The colleges in America, as well as football premier leagues all, start during September.

– Teacher’s day is celebrated on 5th September across the globe.

– Many students from junior and high school return to school on the first Monday of September, after their summer vacations.

– The month of September is very commonly associated with fire. This is because of the reason that the month was considered as Roman god Vulcan’s month. Vulcan was the god of fire and forge.

–  September is generally referred to as the ‘Harvest Month’ in the calendar of Charlemagne. The month of September is known to contribute a little to Fructidor and the rest to Vendemiarie of the very first republic of French. In Switzerland, September is known as ‘Herbstmonat’ which is also known as the Harvest month.

– Very often it is said that September 1993, which is called the Eternal September has never ended.

– Anglo-Sexons used to call the month of September as Gerstmonath or the barely month. It is because the crops which are being harvested than we usually saw getting harvested.

In such a month where so much is happening, it becomes difficult to keep a track of the things happening around us, Blank September 2020 calendars are the perfect rescue for the same. These printable calendars allow the individuals to use them daily, weekly or monthly planners, as reminder books for important dates such as birthdays, meetings, anniversaries, etc.

These calendars also make it easy to reflect upon the results achieved of the plans made. Hence, getting the hand of the September 2020 calendar has become very easy. With just a click of a button, one can download the calendar and print it.


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September is considered to be the best month of the year, due to the number of holidays given to the students. Not just this, overall due to various festivities it offers on the plate, it naturally becomes the happiest and the most happening month.

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