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Privacy policy for

It is very natural, that in a tech bounded world we live in there is bound to be a need for privacy policies. If you have any kinds of questions regarding our privacy policies, then don’t feel hesitant to contact us through our contact form, and someone from our team will contact you immediately.

At, privacy is of utmost importance. For us, our visitors and their privacy is something we take very seriously and don’t take it lightly at any cost. Our privacy policy document is a very detailed form which mentions about the type of personal information which is collected and recorded by the

Log Files: like any other website does make use of log files. These files have a standard procedure of hosting different companies to log them to the website. The information which is included in these log files is as follows:

  1. Types of browsers
  2. Internet Protocols
  3. ISP (Internet Service providers)
  4. Time and date stamps
  5. Exit and referring pages
  6. Several clicks.

This information is then used for analyses which in turn helps in tracking the movement of the users around the website and gather all the demographic information.

Web Beacons & Cookies:

Like many websites, uses cookies to store the visitors’ information such as their preferences, specific user information, time at which the user access the website, etc. With the help of these cookies, the company makes an analysis and makes the website customized according to the research done.

Third-Party Private polices:

In terms of advertisements, cannot control the activities of the advertisers. In case of any doubts or queries, the visitors are free to have a look at the privacy policies of the third-party ad servers for a thorough analysis and detailed information on their privacy practices. The document of privacy policies of these ad servers also provides ways of how to opt-out of these practices. We can suggest you go through the listing of the privacy policies along with the links at Privacy policy links.

What are cookies?

Cookies are used to make sites work properly. Cookies are small files that may be saved on your PC, while you visit a website. These enable to remember, user’s action and preferences (like login, font size, language, and other display choices)  while visiting a website and give them smoother experience when they revisit the website. You also have an option to disable the cookies through your browser. If you want detailed information about cookie management then you can visit this link.

Advertising Partners:

A few of our advertising partners do use cookies or web beacons on the site: The main advertising partners of ours are:

Google: Although each advertising partner of ours does have their Privacy policy which is used in their websites, one can always go to their websites and check individually.

Information on Children:

For anything online, believes in providing additional information for children. In all our policies, we encourage all the parents who have children who are not adults to spend more of their time with their kids online and make them observe and monitor. It is important to give children a study on online activities to make them aware of what is happening and how to be safe from the online scams which keep happening.

At we are very clear that we do not collect any sort of person or identifiable information from children who are 13 years and below. However, in any case if any parent or guardian feels that has collected a database of person or identifiable information of a child who is under the age of 13, then we urge you to contact as soon as possible (you can contact us through the contact registration form which is available on the website in the contact us page) and we will immediately look into the matter and try to remove any personal information from our records in no time.

The online privacy policy only:

The privacy policy mentioned applies only to online clients who are involved with in online activity. The privacy policy is valid for all the visitors who visit the websites.

Please note, that the privacy policy doesn’t apply to any sort of information which is collected offline or via any channel which does not belong to the website.

By using the website, you hereby consent to our privacy policy and agree to its terms.