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October and November are also termed as ‘Festive Months’. The two months are the host to various festivals across the globe. Amidst these busy events, we tend to forget about the other important events and daily work of our lives. Get your hands on the two months calendar to keep your schedule tight.

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October: The 10th month of the calendar derives its name from the Latin word ‘Octo’ which means eight because it was in the Roman calendar October in 10th month was known to be the 8th calendar. The Anglo-Saxons termed October as ‘Wintirfyllith’, which means ‘Fullness of Winter’. This is because October had its first full moon of the entire winter season. The birthstone of October is Opal and tourmaline (Displays a wide spectrum of colors). The traditional flower of October is Calendula which symbolizes such as healing, protection, grace, comfort, etc. October is the hub of a number of special events such as Columbus Day (Second month of October), International peace day (2nd October), Yom Kippur, Diwali, etc.

November: It is the 11th month in the Gregorian and Julian calendar which has 30 days in it. Earlier November was considered to be the 9th month of the Roman calendar in 750 BC. The name of November comes from the Latin word ‘Novem’ which means nine. This was because earlier January and February were not added to the Roman calendar. November is considered to be a month of late springs in the southern hemisphere. However, in the northern hemisphere, it is known to be a month of early autumn. Hence, in the southern hemisphere, November is equivalent to the month of May in the northern hemisphere. Anglo-Saxons referred November to the month of ‘Blotmonap’.

Interesting facts about October & November:


  1. The world’s richest man Bill Gates was born on 28th October 1955. He is the founder of Microsoft, investor, and author.
  2. According to folklore, if the animal deer have a grey coat in the month of October, one can expect a very hard winter during that season.
  3. There are a number of famous personalities who are born in the month of October which are Angela Lansbury, Hillary Clinton, Kate Winslet, Katy Perry, John Keets, etc.


  1. November is the host to a number of fun days such as National men Make dinner day (celebrated on the first Thursday of the month), International tolerance day, etc.
  2. Many famous people were born in November such as Jonathan Swift, the author of ‘Gullivers Travels’, Anne Sexton the winner of the Pulitzer prize winner.
  3. November is also known for No-shave November to raise cancer awareness.
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Advantages of using two months calendar:

The two months calendar, in particular, helps individuals out to manage their entire personal as well as professional schedules. In the world of technology, we have forgotten the power of self-written plans which make so much more sense. Usage of these calendars also prevents from overcommitting time to something of less importance.

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