May June 2020 Calendar

Looking for some fun and variety of two months printable calendars? If yes, then congratulations! You have landed at the very right place. This website is a pioneer in providing printable calendars. Here are Printable May and June 2020 Calendar in the series. We provide calendars in different formats such as monthly calendars, two months calendars, three months calendars on a single page and much more. Calendars are available in JPG and PDF.

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May and June 2020 calendar:

Its high time that we individuals start following a strict schedule and maintain discipline in our lifestyles. There can be nothing better than printable calendars which act as the best source of planners in our everyday lives. They help us physically mark all the important dates, events, etc. Not only that, these two months calendars help us to even reflect upon the loopholes and work on them.

About May and June Month:

May: This is considered to be the 5th month of the year and has 31 days. However, when Roman calendars were being used, May was considered as the 3rd month of the year as the months of January and February were not added by then. The name ‘May’ comes from the name of Greek goddess ‘Maia’. However, some people call Maia as the Roman goddess of fertility.

 June: It is the 6th month of the calendar year which has 30 days. June is considered to be a very famous name in the US. The name is known to be very famous during the 20th century. An interesting fact about June is that this name has been shortlisted amongst the top 300 names of girls according to ‘Vogue’ magazine. Many parents have named their daughter in June. This month is also a host of several events such as Father’s Day, American Eagles day, etc.

Interesting facts about April and May:


  1. The concluding or the last week of May is considered to be ‘Library’ or ‘Information Week’.
  2. May is considered to be a month of National Smiles Day. This has been given to Mary by the people of the US.
  3. During the old times, there was a strong belief that May was an unlucky month especially when someone wanted to marry their love of life.


  1. In the entire calendar year, it is the months of May and June which have never been commenced with the very same day.
  2. The lucky stones of June are Alexandrite, Pearl and Moonstone.
  3. If you are someone who married in June, then it is considered to get a lot of luck.
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Advantages of using two months calendar:

Printable calendars are now hailing with a plethora of benefits. The icing on the cake is to use two months calendar. When a one-month calendar can provide so many benefits, imagine how much benefits will a two-month calendar provides? They are specifically used for planning and organizing life in a way more systematic way.

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