Printable May 2020 Calendar

If you are intending to get a fit body, healthy mind and a scheduled month of May, start using Printable May 2020 Calendars. You can get these calendars here and they can be downloaded free of cost. Commence following them on a daily basis and you will see a perfect routine. It can also track your daily activities so that you are able to achieve the desired goals.

May 2020 Printable Calendars Usages:

Today’s generation is so much dependent on the digital scheduler for scheduling their life events. Thus, they have just forgotten the true value of the printable calendars. Nothing can beat the perfection that lies in these printable schedules. There are plenty of different ways to use them. You can use them as:

  • Vacation planner
  • Routine setter
  • Dietician
  • Brand promoter
  • Recorder of important events
  • Reminder etc.

Also, these calendars are hailing with a variety of benefits. Till now, you would have been unaware of the same too. Use them as efficiently as you can and try them out in the form of the above-mentioned different ways. Each one of them is way too engaging and you will enjoy while using them in your daily life’s activities.

About May Month:

May is the happiest amongst all other months. This beautiful time has always been a month that is renowned for the beautiful natural happenings in it. It has the ability to sprinkle the amazing and very positive all across the world with its beginning. Also, the weather conditions in May are way too pleasant. It facilitates the people with a good number of moments worthy of being cherished and remembered forever. The Gregorian Calendar showcases May as the fifth month and it consists of 31 days. But when the Roman Calendar was extensively used it was placed in the third position. This significant month has its own facts and relatable characteristics. The name of this month hails from the name of Greek goddess Maia. However, other people call her as the Roman goddess of fertility.

The people belonging to Old English, Old French and Latin used to call this month with a different name. Let’s have a look at the same:

Latin: Maius Mensis

Old French: Mai

Old English: Maius

In the Northern Hemisphere, the month of May is known to be the spring month. Whereas, the Southern Hemisphere consider it as the autumn season. During May, the actual growth of green plants starts taking place.

History of May:

Are you intending to get introduced to the engaging history of May? If yes, then have a look at the same mentioned below:

  • During the existence of the Roman Calendar, May was the third month.
  • Later on, when January and February were added on to this calendar, May was pushed to fifth place.
  • From this day onwards, May commenced its identification as the fifth month of the year.

Important events and Holidays in May:

May is such an enjoyable month that you are going to stay excited about participating in its array of interesting occasions. Not every special occasion is a public holiday, but each one of them is quite special. Out of all the festivals observed in the US during May, Memorial Day holds the utmost importance. Mark it on your May 2020 Calendar with Holidays so that you don’t forget such an important event.

Let’s know more about this majorly prominent occasion/event below:

Memorial Day:

During the origination days, Memorial Day was considered to be the Decoration Day by many. Later on, its name got transformed into Memorial Day. Every year, people observe this day during May’s last Monday. People from across the globe especially in the US, observe it with huge interest. This day is meant to remember as well as pay homage to those warriors who have served the US army.

People remember their extensive sacrifices for the sake of people’s safety and thank them for the same. On Memorial Day, people visit cemeteries where there is a prevalence of soldiers’ graves. They go there and remember them for their determination. It is said that with the commencement of the Memorial Day, the summer weather conditions in the US also begin.

Fun facts about May:

May has a good number of facts associated with it that are highly interesting. There are many fun facts about this month that you must definitely be aware of. Here they are:

  • Blue jeans came into existence in 1873 in the month of May.
  • The birthstone of May is none other than Emerald. It has always illustrated the true meaning of love as well as success.
  • May has connected to Gemini as well as Taurus.
  • May’s birth flower is Lily of the Valley.
  • The starting day, as well as the ending day of May, is the same.
  • During the ancient days, it was a belief that May is an unlucky month for marrying the love of your life.
  • The concluding week of May is known as the Library and Information Week.
  • May is the month of three milkings as per Old English. It is due to the prevalence of cows who milked three times in a single day.
  • The National Smile Month is the name given to May by the people in the US.

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Blank May 2020 Calendar: A Way to Start!

May is a quite engaging month and thus, it is considered to be very interesting. Sadly, many people are still not introduced with the importance that is hailing with this month. Start making your month of May an enjoyable as well as scheduled one with the help of May 2020 Blank Calendar and stay ahead of time.

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