March April 2020 Calendar

If you are looking for printable calendars, then you have stopped at the right place. This is a place that is a hub of different styles and formats of printable calendars and in this series here is March & April 2020 calendar on one page.  Keep searching and reading on for fun calendars.

March and April both are considered to be very happening months of the year. During these two months, several occasions occur. However, to keep a note on all the important things it becomes important to get the hands-on the calendar of both the months.

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Printable March & April 2020 calendar:

Printable calendars are a blessing in our lives. They make our lives way to sorted as well as useful. They are easily available all and can be downloaded with just a click of a button. These printable calendars can be used for several purposes such as marking of important days for birthdays, anniversaries, important meetings, etc, for planning and strategizing the daily work and maintain targets.

Moreover, these two months calendar is a double source of usefulness as they provide a better platform to compare and contemplate our pre-decided goals.

About March & April:

March: It is only now that March is considered to be the third month of the year, as earlier it was considered as the first month in the Roman calendars. According to many people living in Europe, March is considered to be a Kicking off day. Originally everyone celebrates the new year on 1st January, however, in some parts, New year’s is celebrated in March. The month of March is a host to several occasions such as:

 A: International Women’s Day

 B: Employee’s Appreciation Day

 C: Cesar Chavez Day

 D: Saint Patrick’s Day

 April: April is the fourth of the calendar year which has 30 days in the month. The month is considered as the 4th month in both Gregorian as well as Roman calendar. The month of April is considered to be extremely lively, positive and fun. There are a plethora of events that take place during April. This is the month, where plants boom to their fullest. April has been derived from the Latin word which means ‘To Open’. April also records several public holidays such as Good Friday or Easter.

Interesting facts about March & April:


  1. March equinox every year is observed from 19th-21st every year.
  2. It was in 700 BC that March was shifted from the first place to the third place in the Roman calendar.
  3. March has always been known to be associated with the very first day of Spring.


  1. It is in April that the professional baseball season begins.
  2. In ancient Rome, the month of April was sacred to the goddess Venus.
  3. The Japanese fiscal year commences every year from 1st April itself.
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Advantages of using two months calendar:

If you are someone, who likes to live an ordered life by making relevant plans and strategies, but more than that enjoy analyzing those plans and brining out any loopholes in the process, then there can be nothing better than the two months calendar. These two months calendar help in making effective plans, but moreover, also help in effectively analyzing them.

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