Printable March 2020 Calendar

Grab some of the best maintained days during this month with the help of Printable March 2020 Calendars. With its usage, you can learn the key to prioritizing. You can also promote your business, accomplish goals and work systematically with these calendars.

How Relevant are March 2020 Printable Calendars?

Have you ever tried out the paper calendars before? If not, then you must undoubtedly use them next year. With these, you are never going to forget any important event. You will also get set for following a new schedule in the month of March that you’ll be formulating on the calendars. March is a fun-filled month and also, it is filled with many positive events. This interesting month would have until now become more intriguing after having a look at the above information.

Mentioning about the most systematic way to remain efficient and not mentioning about printable calendars is unjustified. You don’t have to pay even a single penny to attain these calendars. Instead, you just have to download them, take print and use it as per your convenience.

About March Month:

March i.e. the first and foremost spring month is a month that is used to showcase an array of changes. It is known as the spring month in the Northern Hemisphere. There exists a reason for this month to be considered as the month of changes. This is because there are a plethora of changes occurring throughout the month. Some of these include the melting of snow on the top of mountains and the transformation of the winter season into spring. In this writeup, you are going to read much unknown information about March and that is highly interesting too. The third month of the year having 31 days is none other than March. Its name has been taken from Mars that is also known as the Roman God of War.

According to the people living in Europe, March is the day kicking off the New Year. In the Southern Hemisphere, March is known to be the month that is quite similar to the month of September. Originally, New Year is held on 1st January. But, there still exist many destinations all over the world, which consider March as the month of New Year. It is due to the reason that at the time of the Roman Calendars, March was the first month. This was until January and February were added on to the list.

People communicating in Middle English, Old English and Latin had different names for this month. They were:

  • Middle English: March or Marche
  • Old English: Martius
  • Latin Name: Martius mensis

History of March:

March has a history that is worthy of being entailed to everyone. Let us know something about it below:

  • During the time when Roman Calendars were extensively used, March was the first month every year. However, when January and February grabbed some space as first and second months, March shifter to the third number.
  • It had the first position in the Roman Calendars earlier because it was known to be the one associated with the first day of Spring.
  • The March equinox is observed on 19th, 20th, and 21st March respectively.
  • January got consideration as the first month and March shifted towards the third place in 700 BCE.

March in other distinct languages:

Several languages consider March with distinct names. You can know more about the same here:

  • Swedish: Mars
  • Maltese: Marzu
  • Portuguese: Marcha
  • French: Mars
  • Romanian: Martie

Important occasions in March:

The US observes an array of beautiful as well as enjoyable occasions. Each one of them holds the utmost importance along with many positive elements. People celebrate them at their best and also, they’ll never leave a chance to observe them every year! Some of the most important events help in the US during the month of March are as follows:

  • Employee Appreciation Day

As the name suggests, the Employee Appreciation Day is meant to praise the employees of the organization by the boss for their continued hard work. Different firms celebrate this day in varied kinds of ways! In some organizations, the whole staff is taken out for lunch or dinner while others play recreational games and spend some time with each other in the office itself. It is held on March’s First Friday every year!

  • International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is held with an intention to remember the female population which was a sufferer at Soviet Russia in the year 1917. US witnesses this day as a National Holiday and thus, it is observed by its people way too nicely. Since the day International Women’s Day is celebrated, there has been an increase in inequality practice worldwide.

  • Saint Patrick’s Day

The Saint Patrick’s Day is known to have been marking its prevalence since 17th March. This day is celebrated to give respect to the patron belonging to Ireland i.e. St. Patrick. On this day, a good number of people wear green colored apparel, hats, etc. This color hails with the presence of the green color of the Irish flag. A wholesome feast is arranged in the Catholic Church on the occasion of Saint Patrick’s Day.

  • Cesar Chavez Day

Caesar Chavez Day is celebrated not on the US but all across the globe. It is celebrated every year on 31st March. This day is celebrated since it was the birthday of Cesar Estrada Chavez on this day. He is a personality who has prolifically worked for social justice as well as an improvement in human dignity.


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Blank March 2020 Calendar Template: A Great Way to Start

A month full of changes and positivity all around, March has always been an engaging tenure for many. Make it more systematic and confusions free with the help of March 2020 Blank calendars. Start using today!

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