Labour Day Clipart

Happy Labour Day Clip-art

Labour Day which is also called ‘Eight Hours Day’ is honoured as a public holiday. It is celebrated on first Monday in Western Australia. However, it’s celebration dates are different throughout the Australian States. The reason behind celebration on different dates due to the achievement of 8 hours works at different states.

 Clipart Labour Day

Labour Day Clipart Portrait

Labour Day in Australia is celebrated in order to achieve implementation of 8 hours work per for organised labour, in late 1850. Initially, workers were required to work for 10 to 12 hours a day and six days a week. Today people enjoy 5 days working in a week was adopted in 1948.

Clipart Labour Day
Labour Day Clipart banner
Labour Day Clipart
Labour Day Clipart Animated

Celebration on Labour Day

Labour Day is celebrated throughout weekends by most People celebrate, a long weekend while enjoying with friends, family members, having barbecues, engaging in sports and plan for a trip to the countryside or the mountains. Labour Day is considered as the occasion of unions, community groups and citizens to participate in the celebration. Parades are held in Queensland at this occasion, often led by political leaders and influential figures.

Labour Day Clipart
Labour Day Clipart Free Downlaod
Labour Clipart Day
Labour Day Clipart White

Labour Day clip arts are free to download. You may use these beautiful clip-arts for social media post-use or for school projects etc.

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