February March 2020 Calendar

Thank you for stopping by, here are February March 2020 printable calendar. This is a hub of all sorts and kinds of printable calendars. We offer calendars in different formats such as monthly formats, two months calendar format, yearly, weekly, etc. Not only this to make the lives of our customers easy, but we also provide calendars in both JPG and PDF Formats. 

Both the months of February and March are extremely important ones, as several events take place during these months. It is always better to have the calendar of both the months in front as this leads the individual to do an effective comparison and also helps in better contemplation.

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February and March Printable 2020 calendar:

Printable calendars play an important role in planning and strategizing. The one-step towards success is to have a great strategy in hand. However, getting involved in multiple things and decisions at the same time can lead to massive confusion. Hence, for this purpose printable calendars act as savior as they provide proper assistance in recognizing and prioritizing the important tasks and helps an individual organize his or her life.

About February and March:

February: February is one of the most unique months of the year with just 28 days in it in a normal year and 29 days in case of a leap year. The birth flower of February is ‘Primrose’. The month of February is a synonym to ‘Purification’. Hence, for natural reasons, it is considered to be the purest month out of all. February as the second month was added in the 700 BCE to reflect a total of 355 days in the lunar year. February also hosts several holidays such as:

  1. National Freedom Day: It is celebrated every year on 1st February.
  2. Groundhog Day: It is celebrated every year on 2nd February.
  3. Valentine’s Day: It is celebrated every year on 14th February.

March: March is the third month of the year and the second month to have 31 days. The name of the month of Mars comes from the Roman God of war. In the areas of the southern hemisphere, the month of March is known to be very similar to that of September. There are various parts of the world which consider March to be the new year month.

Interesting facts about February and March:


  1. There is a common notion that people who are born in February are tall and smart.
  2. Individuals born in February generally get into an artistic line.


  1. March is considered to be a month that is full of positivity and change.
  2. March equinox every year is observed from 19th-21st every year.
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Advantages of using two months calendar:

Using the two months calendar together does help the individual in saving a lot of time. Instead of looking at each month separately and then making plans accordingly, it becomes easier to have the calendars of both the months together. As this allows to do make proper plans and strategies.

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