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Printable calendars have now become the need of the hour. These printable calendars help the individuals to sort their life out by throwing all the clutter from their lives. Organizing is a very important practice which one should practice as it helps in maintaining order, remembering all the important dates, schedules and avoids missing out on any important thing.

Advantages of two-month calendars per Page Calendar?

There are loads of advantages of using two months calendar, some of the major ones are:

  • Saves time: Instead of checking out the dates and details of every month, it becomes easier as it saves time. One can always check the dates of the two months which are placed back to back to each other.
  • Helps in effective comparison: Both these months are very important months of the year. December ends the year whereas January starts the year. It always becomes easier to compare the progress of the two months back to back and helps in reflecting on what went wrong and what went right.
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About December & January:

December: It is the 12th month of the year and the last month which has 31 days. December’s name comes from the Latin word ‘decem’ which means ten. It was due to this name that December was the 10th month of the year in the Roman Calendars.

December is one of the most awaited months of the year as it is the last month and is a host to a number of festivals. People belonging to different regions have different names of December such as:

  1. In Middle English, December is called as ‘Decembre’
  2. In Latin, December was called as ‘Decembre – 10th Month’.
  3. In Old English, the month is called Geol-monap which was the month before Yule.

January: It is the 1st month of the year and also the first month which has 31 days. The month had got its name from ‘Janus’, who was a Roman god of gates and doors. The first day of the month is known to be New Year's.

The month of January is considered to be the coldest month in Northern Hemisphere and hottest month in the Southern Hemisphere. The month also is an inspiration for all the kids as this embarks as the holiday season.

Interesting facts about December January:

December and January both have interesting facts to offer such as:

  1. December: The very first artificial tree was actually made in Germany
  2. There is a common nation amongst many people that 28th December is considered to be the unluckiest day.
  3. 12th December is entitled to be the Poinsettia Day.


  1. 1st January is the closest as well as furthest from 31st December.
  2. The national month of soup is celebrated in January across the US.
  3. In January, the other half of the world is seen growing crops, working extremely hard in the sunny weather and chilling in the warm beaches.
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Printable calendars are an ideal way of sorting out the daily chores. Be one step ahead now, by making effective plans.

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