August September 2020 Calendar

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Printable Calendar August September 2020:

August: It is the 8th month of the current Gregorian calendar and is known to be the third-month os rule of summers. August derived its name from Augustus (Known as Augustus Caesar). August is shared by two astrological signs which are Leo (The Lions) and Virgo (The Virgins). In many areas, August marks as the beginning of the rainy season. It is during August when the great solar wheel of the year is turned to Lammas which is one of the 4 grand Sabbats and is celebrated every year by witches across the globe. Initially, it was considered to be the 6th month of the calendar year.

 September: It is the 9th month of the calendar year in the Gregorian and Julian calendar and has 30 days in it. In the Northern hemisphere, September is considered to be a season equivalent of March as in the same in the Southern hemisphere. However, in the Northern hemisphere, the beginning of autumn is from 1st September and in the Southern hemisphere, the beginning of spring is from 1st September. September comes from the Latin word ‘Septem’ which means Seven and was originally considered to be the 7th month of the calendar year in Roman calendars. It was after January and February were added to the months, September became the 9th month.

Interesting facts about August & September:


  1. It was seen that both Trinidad and Jamaica had celebrated their Independence Day in August.
  2. The world’s very first International daily air service had begun between Paris and London in August.
  3. The most popular drink, Coca-Cola was the first time sold in the US in August.


  1. US President William McKinley died on 14th September 1901.
  2. The month of September is extremely important for history because World War II had begun in September 1939.
  3. The name of the United States was given on 9th September 1776. As originally the country was referred to as the united colonies.
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Advantages of using two months calendar:

The two months calendar helps in systematically organizing days for all the commercial, social, religious or administrative purposes. These two months’ printable calendars act as physical records of all the important dates (Birthdates, anniversary, meetings, schedules, etc), planned events, strategies, notes, etc. A two-month calendar specifically helps to keep a track of all the events happening in one’s life most effectively and economically.

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