April May 2020 Calendar

April and May are considered to be the happiest as well as positive months of the printable calendars. A lot happens during these two months which makes it hard to keep a track on. Hence, its time to get hands-on a systematic schedule with the help of these calendars.

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April and May 2020 Printable Calendar:

Printable calendars are extremely useful to routine life in an orderly manner. These printable calendars are super flexible and easy to download. Printable calendars are extremely useful as they give a strong personal touch. One can always add a few images and stickers to make the calendar even more exciting and fun.

One can always add more colors to make the calendar look more attractive and catchier. Various purposes for which these calendars can be used such as:

 A: Maintaining schedules

B: Remembering important dates such as birthday, anniversary.

 C: Planning and strategizing

Calendar for April and May 2020:

April: April the month which is filled up with utmost positivity is the 4th month of the Roman as well as a Gregorian calendar. The month of April consists of 31 days. April has a specific tenure which has an association with autumn as well as spring. During the times of Roman calendars, April was known to be the second month of the year.

It was much later in the 700 BC that January and February were added to the calendar and April became the 4th month. There are many important events that take place in April such as Goods Friday (The death anniversary of Jesus Christ) or Easter (Symbol of the resurrection of Jesus Christ).

May: This is considered to be the 5th month of the year and has 31 days. However, when Roman calendars were being used, May was considered as the 3rd month of the year as the months of January and February were not added by then. The name ‘May’ comes from the name of Greek goddess ‘Maia’

Interesting facts about April and May:


  1. In ancient Rome, the month of April was sacred to the goddess Venus.
  2. The Japanese fiscal year commences every year from 1st April itself.
  3. The famous bird of England ‘Cuckoo’ comes to the country in April. This marks the beginning of the Spring season. This is the time when Cuckoo festivals take place.


  1. The starting, as well as the ending day of May, is always the same.
  2. The concluding or the last week of May is considered to be ‘Library’ or ‘Information Week’.
  3. May is considered to be a month of National Smiles Day. This has been given to May by the people of the US.
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Advantages of using two months calendar:

Want to keep track of two months at one time then using printable calendars for two months is the best idea for you. Nothing beats the idea of having the calendars of two months in front of you, as this gives you so much opportunity to plan and strategies all the important tasks easily.

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